New Format 2019. First twelve day training to become a holistic horse trainer. This isn't a course for beginners, but for experienced horsemen/-women, who want to expand their horizon and become a more holistic trainer. The clinic takes place at Gut Hohenburg in 83661 Lenggries, Germany. Only a limited amount of people will be accepted. The schedule includes but is not restricted to: 


Holistic Horsetrainer Clinic August 21st till September 1st 2019




The daily lessons are both theory and practical lessons. All lessons will be held in English.


Part I:  How to become a better trainer August 21st - 23rd


  • Improve your skills to quickly identify the horses character and spirit level. A walk through the herd, observation of the horses, watching short videos. Overview over the different characters of the horses and different approaches of training.
  • Problem horses, difficult horses. Techniques and approaches, what to do. Trailer issues, bucking, rearing, bolting, biting, kicking, fly spray, separation anxiety, etc.
  • Play with as many different horses as possible to get better.
  • Secrets to lightness instead of doing more and more and using too much pressure.
  • Highly sensitive horses. Approach, training and creativity.

* Different tools, advantages and disadvantages.

  • The 6 Direction Training ground work and riding.
  • Where are your weaknesses? Practise what you can’t do instead of what you can do!!


Part II: How to become a better rider. August 24th - 26th


  • Daily gymnastic exercises to improve your riding.
  • Ball exercises.
  • Power position, mirrors, standing in the stirrups, control your ellbows.
  • Analyse videos and photos to see the issues and how to improve it. 
  • Rider simulatons, Eckhard Myners, bareback riding, rein simulations to improve the feel.
  • Riding lesson gets videotaped, analysed and suggestions for improvement.
  • Exercises to improve your balance. 


Part III: How to become a better healer August 27th - 29th


  • Protection and cleansing.
  • Look at different horses, pictures and videos and learn to see the physical issues of the horse right away. Learn the exercises to improve the posture, hill therapy, standing on wedges, swinging the horses body, etc.
  • Energetic osteopathy.
  • Accupresure.
  • Herbs, Biosalts, minerals, homeopathics, Bach flowers, Spagyrics, Mushrooms, Lichens.
  • Heart connection, how to build and establish a bond.
  • Healing and connecting with the horse over a distance.
  • Schamanic journeys to heal a horse, to introduce different horses with each other.
  • Trauma healing for horses, learn to do ti yourself.


Part IV: How to become a better teacher August 30th till September 1st



  • Ingredients of a good lesson, how to motivate people, keep it fun, don’t overwhelm, don’t bore people. 
  • What does the horse and the rider need? Safety, fun, improvement.
  • Teach each other and get feedback on what you should improve and what you are doing great.
  • Teach with the help of examples, don’t do everything yourself, let the student do it.

Costs for the twelve day training is 2250 €. This doesn't include transportation or boarding for horse or rider.

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